Tuesday, April 6

Dear Diary

 Dear Diary
I was a good person today, I did not do anything i wasnt supposed to
I went to work on time
And did not over stay my lunch break
I even poured out old coffee from the coffee maker and started a new one
I did not walk fast around the C-lab, i didnt even talk in the library
I did not pretend not to see some people
I even stopped to say hi
And asked them how they were doing, and i really wanted to know
I completed my assignments myself
I did not copy or paste from anywhere, i did not even have google open
I called a friend whos birthday was today
I did not insult anyone
And i laughed even when my friends started mimicking me, during dinner today
I hope i will snap out of this nice person syndrome
It doesnt even work for me LOL

that black and white pic there
A naked girl, and its not even indecent
I am moving out of this relation Ship we called a home, love cannot stay here anymore, heard about the two lovers you brought onboard, jealously and deceit.

I want to be a woman who is wealthy with patience because without patience
knowledge is unattainable
without patience, temptations will make you unfaithful
but seriously, ur bullshit, i cannot swallow, am to busy for that

For the kinda woman i am, i want a certain kind of man
A  man who understands that love should cost just love
who regards me as his bright sunshine
And he'll be my dark knight

The Reason am blogging today
 yes her :-)
Her name is Maryam
And i LOVE her!
I lovingly call her DrAuntyMaryam 
Sense of humour: Blog worthy 
Talent: Speaks for itself 
 She has a photoblog you all need to check out
And shes on blogsville too 

You can check her photography on  
and her blog 

 My real life crush was updated last night!
lets hope it lasts till tomorrow, if it does, thats the longest in years!!

Cheating is not cheating if he respects me enough to hide it...
What do you think of this statement?

Much love


DrMissMaryam said...

I love you too...
and one day in one of the footballers wives meetings
we are going to organize I'm going to tell them all how u inspired me and encouraged.. u r beyond ordinary talents,i tell you.

Soniya said...

I'm not feeling this booklet layout. Everything looks so cluttered & crammed into a tiny space.

Fabulo-la said...

Maybe me sef I should try to be a good girl one day.

And I think that statement is bullshit btw.
Do I really need to explain why??

Oh n that picture is aweeeesome!

I want one :(

shorty said...

I know Aunty Maryam somewhere around...hehe...been to her photoblog before.

Hmmn that statement is bullshit o!

sweetness said...

lol we have to be at that FWA
and we will have regular meetings
and do all the nice fab things that Footballer wives do

Soniya, yeah it does look cluttered... just wait till i put up some sticky notes, its gonna be worse

Lol its an interesting pic
you can always have one
you know u can, i always wanted to steal ur blog header pic

sweetness said...

I like how u said, i know her from somewhere, so u already seen the photoblog
Okay so u and fabulo-la think its bullshit right?
even in long distance relationships?
lol tell me more!

neefemi said...

hmmm that pic get as it be, the upper part looks distorted (or is it just me?)...lol @ being a nice girl, i bet it felt good...and yes wealthy with patience should be every persons desire.....and cheating is cheating, whether he not he respects me enough to hide it, the thing is you wont know,will ya?

BBB said...

being a good girl feels good doesnt it,
that statement is complete crap!!!!!

2cute4u said...

Nice real cool.All the good things you did today..See you numbering them..Bad girl!Beta keep being good.
Sometimes I blessed with patience and at other times, I have none whatsoever.What does that make me?
I would love that part about cheating cause that means that he has some level of respect for me, but then again that could also mean that he's not done making a fool out of you.
Nice post

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Hate that statement, that is a chick deceiving herself.

Hope I can be nice for a day.
Also want to be a woman wealthy with patience

Rene said...

i think whoever thought of the statement is the dumbest ever. if it not cheating, he wouldn't hide it

yankeenaijababe said...

will check out the photo blog, thanks for sharing, enjoyed the intro portion of this post, you are really a nice person in and out.

sweetness said...

cheating is cheating. u know ur right
lol let me have another look at that pic
wealthy with patience is my new week resolution

yes it actually felt good
but i had to bite my tongue many times! just so i dont snap back lol
OK another crap vote

finally somebody on my side
hiding that he is cheating or atleast trying to hide it is more consoling than him baring it for all to see, so i thot
but then again, cheating is cheating
Lol it was a good thing while it lasted
but naah man, my one person army is back on track

sweetness said...

The girl with the red hair
Hmm wisdom
deceiving herself
uv said enough, i love that

Lmao, if he is not cheating, he wudnt hide it, true dat!

aww thanx dear
I try :) lol
am glad you enjoyed it
have a good one


Thanx guys i think i shud stop putting guys who cheat and hide, and those who cheat n show, in different categories, they are one and the same

Tolu Akanni said...

"A man who understands that love should cost just love"
That's rather deep

I also need a good-boy-day tryout

rayo said...

any babe who says that is seriously delude mehn

Myne Whitman said...

I don't think any woman should accept that statement, LDR or not. It is just senseless. Don't cheat, simple.

sweetness said...

thanx for dropping by
seriously huh

Myne whitman
You are talking to me oh
i have even gotten iit out of my head
why shud i even give him a reason or excuse lol

Thanx guys am back to my senses
(what was i even thinking sha?)

My world said...

Babe,that last statement makes a lotta sense to me o :-)))

love the post,so random and funny...
kwana biyu,hw r u?

sweetness said...

It does?
for real?
hmm we shall need to talk one on one

am fine dear :-) ya kike?

My world said...

I dey o!
tryna fit into the new "no-more-school" status.....hehehehehe!!!

no wahala,we'll talk kenan :-)))

blogoratti said...

Hey how you doing..

miss b said...

sweetnesss! its ur girl, d laziest commentor(is dt a word) ever. i loved d movie thng, we nd 2 hv sumthng lyk dt 4 naij!

Anonymous said...

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