Saturday, April 17

Spread the message, spread the love

 MTV Staying Alive: Ignite launched an innovative campaign to fight HIV/AIDS in developing countries.  Kenya’s show ‘Shuga‘, designed to teach people the consequences of different types of behaviors recently launched and it speaks in the language of the local youth.

Scroll down to the music player and press pause, so you can enjoy this short movie

Shuga Episode 1 from mtv staying alive on Vimeo.

Shuga Episode 2 from mtv staying alive on Vimeo.

Shuga Episode 3 from mtv staying alive on Vimeo.

Great performance, wonderful stories
Spread the Message. Not the Virus
Know Status Get Tested
Staying safe is as easy as ABC
A= Abstinence
B= Be Faithful
C= Condoms

Credits : Fashion Junkii, Jamatiiorg


2cute4u said...

This is truly inspiring.Great work ..
Thanks for sharing dear..

2cute4u said...

This is truly inspiring.Great work ..
Thanks for sharing dear..

yankeenaijababe said...

Very classy and interesting, love the storyline, very meaningful, thanks for!

sweetness said...

It really is inspiring
am glad u liked it

Its very very meaningful, am really happy you watched it
sad ending but oh well... dats life


Banderson said...

Hey this is a great article about Shuga!

I work on the MTV Staying Alive Blog

We have bloggers from around the world writing about sex, relationships and HIV would you be interested in writing something for us


anon amos said...

ohh i discovered this earlier this year n i loved it! i had to share with all my friends. i always underrated all other African countries but i'm slowly but surely learning... big ups to Kenya n MTV!
there's a Trinidadian series like this as well... not as great but that accent is just pure chocolate to my ears!

oh n i'm "new" to blogger so feel free to stop by n check out my blog :)

Banderson said...


Yep I'm following your blog - all real good

Hey in terms of the Trini one - Yea the accent is cool eh?

Hey you should pass by our Facebook fanpage add us up and say hi!

Thanks for the reply :)


Maxine said...

wow, I was very impressed with the acting and the message came accross so clearly! Young people especially need to get tested before getting married but what am I even saying, these days people think just 'cos someone is cute they can't be a carrier!
It's a policy in my church in Ghana to get tested before marriage. They advice that during the pre-marital counselling process. Big ups to Kenya for being a pace setter! Great actors!... the kissing part... hmm not too sure if that fits very well in the context of my African upbringing :)

Unforgettable said...

This was produced really well. I wish they had made it into a longer series or a movie but the message comes across without being too trite. And the dialects sound so cool!

Mbabazi said...

i enjoyed watching this. i was always telling everyone about it. the acting production is on key.

Anonymous said...

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