Saturday, April 3

When it rains, it pours...

I didn't hurt anybody
i am living my life right
Yet its crumbling around me~!
 Lol i sound like such a drama queen right?
Believe me i am not. Its an act.
So my bank card got swallowed by the automated money machine
as if that was not enough
My laptop got shattered
It dropped and it broke completely
like dead. finito
i am not even making any noise about it, i refuse to be bothered
am just watching music videos
i even braided my hair, listened to music, read blogs, i have just been trying to be happy cos this is too much for one day.
Anyway what can i do, i am taking it in good faith
just like the saying  people in your life are like seasons, everything happens for a reason

"when it rains it pours"
i guess when the unfortunate things happen, they come big

I wonder what high school musical Nigeria will look like, i saw pictures of the cast, there were some cute ones,.. i wonder about the songs, will they all be in english? or will there be a bit of our languages here and there?
How will they dress, hope they dress like normal teenagers?
Normal accents, Barely there make up. I hope

On a totally unrelated issue, I think
Eva Mendes is absolutely gorgeous      
 Am chatting on bb with my boyfriends ex about my ex lol           
shes totally cool though    

So here are some pictures that crack me up :

 On jobs
 whatever happens in life
always remember that you are among the fortunate
and look for more reasons to laugh
Its been two years
Safiya JL
Id give anything to see your face
but i know u are in a better place RIP

current listen: Kirk Franklin- brighter day


yankeenaijababe said...

Hugs! I know how you feel, am on your team, everything has a purpose and is for a season, things change for real. Sometimes we feel like a cloud is over our head, before you know it, it's sunny again. I hope you get your card back. I really want to give you a big hug. Stay strong sister.

Myne Whitman said...

So sorry about your bank card and your laptop. Hope you're able to replace them soon, pele.

Don't tell me your boyfriend's ex is dating your ex? LOL, just joking.

Those pics are so funny.

Have a happy Easter.

2cute4u said...

So sorry about your Laptop.Mine has been messing up since yesterday hence why I couldn't do my blog rounds..I'm so sorry too about the ATM card enough annoyance.Atleast, you do know how to destress.Take goo care of you..xoxo

sweetness said...

thank you dearie, you just made me feel much better
((bear hugs right back))
yeah i called the bank, will be getting a new one soon.
hows ur weekend going? xX

*myne whitman*
amen! i am getting myself a new laptop soon, unexpected purchases
its all good though, atleast all my documents are intact... so far
lol noo! haha no ex business here
Happy easter dear

sorry about ur laptop too, its really annoying when they do that right? yeah blogsville is a really good destresser lol
take care of you too

thanx guys for dropping by :)

Lady X said...

Insha Allah she is in a better place.

yankeenaijababe said...

I am doing fine, if you can listen to this song called Pure water by kefee. It will make you feel great.

I might never understood what you are going through if I didn't lose my laptop to some stupid virus.

Stay blessed.

Jaycee said...

It's just good that you're doing other things so as not to spoil your day. Everything will be sorted out.

That Ikea cartoon is If he cannot build that chair, then he's automatically not qualified.

neefemi said...

Pele o...but thats the right spirit and you get a free comp somehow....Happy Easter

sweetness said...

yeah inshaallah thanx sweetie :)

am playing it right now
aww thanx, its gonna be on replay
it speaks to me

yeah if he puts one bolt in the wrong place, he has failed the interview too

oshe my dear
the attitude makes the pain go away too

Thanx guys :D

Tolu Akanni said...

sowi bout ur lappie!

1st time visitor 2 ur blog, I rly looooooooove d layout!

sweetness said...

*Tolu Akanni*
thanks so much
am glad you dropped by
have a good day :)

shorty said...

Sorry about your laptop and card. Cheer up girl everytin wud be ok *e-hugs*

Fabulo-la said...

Pele dear. Sorry about your friend.
And your bank card and your laptop.

Just imagine, it could have been much worse.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Love your attitude, you are not letting this things get to you. Every thing happen for a reason. Love your new template. Every thing will be alright.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Love your attitude, you are not letting this things get to you. Every thing happen for a reason. Love your new template. Every thing will be alright.

sweetness said...

bigger e hugs right back
thanx dear
am sure it will x

Thanx sweetie, yes oh
if this didnt happen, smthn worse cud have happened
have a great week xx

*The girl with the red hair*
aww thank you dear
i refused to let it get to me
The template too right
lol thanx

LucidLilith said...

LOL..I go die oh.
I think the convict was inspired by Shawshank Redemption.

rtfgvb775 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

sweetness said...

the shawshank redemption?
lool its funny in a sad way
hows ur week so far?

good is the way everything should be

Tisha said...

when many things happen at once...

this is what i do, i stop, let the peace of God fill my heart then wonder what Jesus would have done and after i figure it out

i do it

in spite and despite.

Drrama Queen said...

Hahahhaha . Love the pics :P