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From Korea with love

Whoever knows me knows that among the many many random things i do, i enjoy watching korean music videos. Yes you heard right. K.o.r.e.a.n.

...with translations of course, plus theres a little bit of english here and there.
And of course Korean movies, yes movies (they have very good ones, infact a lot of hollywood movies ARE adaptations of Korean movies, not the other way round!)
One movie i liked was A frozen flower.

Frozen Flower is the first movie with a homosexual couple i actually watched to the end (or third - depending on what you call couple) - and it was nice. I mean, i actually enjoyed it.
on  totally different issues
  • I watched Checkmate, the ghanaian movie,  from the producers of perfect picture. Its a nice movie too
  • And i have myself in too deep with poetry.
Okay! So back to todays post
I'm just gonna do a mini- review of the movie for bloggers who havent seen it and for bloggers who dont watch korean stuff :)

So the movie opens with the King of Seung Ri in training with a young soilder who would be his chief- of - command, right hand man, personal assistant and all that. They take the same war training classes, music glasses and they become really close friends
They grow up to become two dashing young men with the same hobbies, likes amd all but..
The King has feelings for his bodyguard (and for some reason most people know about this and no one really cares)

The only way for the King to be able to protect his throne is if he has a son through his wife, the Queen. (who knows her husband is having an affair with his bodyguard)

And the king doesnt care, he respects her as his wife the queen, but thats it. His everything is Hong Lim, who is the most loyal of all the guards in the kingdom

As the threats to the kings throne arose, he is forced to send Hong Lim (the bodyguard) to get his wife pregnant *Gasp* *Shocked face*
Of course his bodyguard/lover refused. (out of love... blush blush butterfly eyes)
But needless to say, the king convinced him. And his Queen (Yeah he is a Man, a king, not a girl...)
And the deed was done. More than once actually
Unfortunately for the King, The queen had fallen in love with the bodyguard and the bodyguard too was confused (Yeah the road to being straight is a long and confusing one people... LOL)
So there came all the telltale signs of a cheat
Creeping out late (FACT: Male cheats are the same, Gay or straight - ha! who would have guessed!)
Never ending lies
And sneeking around... to see the queen of course
Unanswered phonecalls (Ok i added that last bit - my bad, i get carried away sometimes)
They started meeting secretly at midnight in the library.

and of course the lies continued....
Their love is so strong that it even led Hong Lim to not follow the King's orders. The King begins to have suspicions of Hong Lim's infidelity.
After a while, The bodyguard gets guilty and asks the Queen to stay away from him, after which he goes to the King to beg for forgiveness.

Meanwhile, the Queen attempts to kill herself by slitting her wrists but fails. (Girls and blades? WTF?)
The King forgives him after the bodyguard (Hong Lim) says his involvement with the Queen was purely lust.

He decides to overlook everything that had happened and he forgave him, however he decided it was best to send Hong Lim away for a while to have him cool his mind, but they were back to normal, the two lovers (doing things that lovers do, the king didnt notice, but i cant be fooled. Oh yes. i saw the bodyguards loss of interest - yes i did)
However, the night before Hong Lim's departure *drumrolls*

 the Queen's personal maid secretly informs him that the Queen wishes to meet him for one last time.

She also bears news that the Queen has finally conceived
So that night Hong Lim sneaks out of the King's bedside to meet the Queen in the.... *Lightning*

yes you guessed right! the usual meeting place. The library.

They end up making love in the library, and the King catches them in act. The two lovers attempt to save the other by begging the King to "kill me instead," and his bodyguard admits that he's in love with the queen. *THUNDER*

 In a fit of jealousy, he ordered his guards to have Hong Lim castrated

What happens after this
Was he really castrated? Oh yes... bloody yes!

Did he die?
No, but he wanted to

Did, the queen die, Did she lose the baby? Did true love prevail? Did the King avenge for his *cough* cut weenie? Well maybe you really should watch Frozen flower. Its on Youtube and its subtitled
I could just type out the end, but i really wouldnt do justice to this beautifully tragic movie

Hows everyones week going. Mines pretty fun
Congrats to Spain on winning the WC
Oh my God. That octopus!! still cant believe it
I mean, how could it predict? anyways...

Current Listen: Taeyang - Wedding dress

Much love darlings!
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