Thursday, February 10

Haunting eyes

She has beautiful eyes yes?
I can't remember the first time i saw this picture (the one on the left)
But i know i liked it well enough to want to know more
In 1984 photographer Steve McCurry took a picture of a 12-year-old Afghan refugee in a camp on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.
Her image (left)—first published on the cover of a 1985 National Geographic—became a symbol of the plight of refugees. It became the most used picture used for Afghan female refugees

 I know i've seen her picture about a hundred times on blogs, websites and all of that
For 17 years the photographer tried to find the mystery “Afghan girl” again.

In 2002 he succeeded—and again captured her on film (right)

 She looks older than 29 to me in the 2nd pic....
He remembered her eyes...
And she remembered the photographer
So she must be the one right? Right

I am lazy right now, that should explain my half baked post ::)

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BSNC said...

its not half She really has beautiful eyes. She looks like she is 40 plus :(

Myne Whitman said...

She does look older than 29, but I guess being a refugee is not an easy deal. But it's the same girl..

Lara said...

Her eyes are beautiful, and face does tell a lot of stories

Rita said...

If it is her, it looks like she has been through alot..

The color of the pupils are different...

Anonymous said...

i dont want to believe its the same person but...odds are against my opinion

seye said...

Maybe when I see pictures of the photoshoot, I' believethis picture because Photoshop can do this in 15min with my help.

Anyways, Sweetness, your work is half done...bring the rest of the story!

seye said...

Hehe! I found something.

...and a few Photoshop edits:

But I also found out the full story.

Mbabazi said...

youre right she looks extremely older like 40 or something, guessing life hasnt been easy/ Her eyes are beautifully piercing