Friday, March 4

Disappointed or in awe?

I was barely six when i watched 'Yeh vaada raha' for the first time, i probably even didn't know how to pronounce the full name ( I have watched it over 30 times now and personally I thought it was the best Indian story ever made)
Then i grew older...

I was 15 or 16 when I read Danielle Steele's book The promise

After about 80 pages, i could predict how it was gonna end, it all seemed a bit too familiar. Rich guy, Poor girl. Necklace, Promise to be together forever... 
skip more pages, Wicked mother in-law, elopement, accident!!! (With a truck full of BRICKS and Iron Rods) ah, it was too much to handle!
I dropped the book
I was shattered, disappointed that one of the most intriguing Indian movies was a rip off
Was i really shattered?
Or in awe? I guess a bit of both emotions
Well, needless to say i continued reading
And oh yes, nothing was changed
The reconstructive surgery and Karma, yup it all followed!

As you all know, I am a sucker for old romantic movies, i feel like its Christmas when I find an old movie I have never watched, in black and white? Better!
So i stumbled on The Promise, randomly
I say randomly because i wasn't looking  for it, i literally 'stumbled' on a box of old movies in the basement 
And i picked out The Promise starring Kathleen Quinlan Stephen Collins, Beatrice Straight , cos it was the only one i haven't seen

I didn't do the usual research I normally do before i watch a movie: reviews, star ratings, etc
(i do this cos if its not worth watching, i don't bother, too many other worthwhile things to do)
Weellll, if only i did, i might have known that it was actually an adaptation of Danielle Steele's The Promise
Oh Joy!
My day was MADE, it is such a beautiful movie for a 1979 movie, Yeh Vaada raha was made in 1982 by the way ( Imagine! Years before my parents even met LOL)
I'm ashamed to admit that i have watched it more than once
It has one of the best lines ever 'It's good that you can see your money was well spent' Go figure
I found out that there is an ASIAN adaptation!!!!
Jeez! Its also called The Promise

and err... a Spanish version Uma Promessa (When I found it, I realized its only a sub-dubbed version - but still!)
Talk about most repeated story ever. I am patiently waiting for a Nollywood version
Okay I am kidding, calm down!

Just in-case you never read the book, or heard of the story, there's a little summary for you. Enjoy!
'It's good that you can see your money was well spent'
 Oh and Yeh Vaada raha means, 'This is my promise'
Random pictures from the Indian version
The evil mother
before the accident
before the final surgery
Her new face