Sunday, September 22

Something you feel strongly about 

Every morning I log unto my work email, Bella naija and  Linda Ikeji AND Facebook. Both accounts. Unfailingly. It is a habit.
During Coffee breaks at work I grab as many newspapers as I can (Well honestly, just two. 24 and Metro, if you live in Canada you know what I mean)
As the day goes by, I stumble upon various publications and news reports, and as an avid reader I devour everything. There is always something that comes up. Muslims

I was going to tag this post, The potrayal of Muslims in the media, but I felt that was not exactly what I wanted to write about. I decided that my post under Something you feel strongly about would be How we Muslims potray ourselves to the rest of the world.

I just did a quick search for muslims on google and there I was 100% sure that there would be violence depicted. And of course, there you have it

Or this...
During Ramadan I was at my friend's house for iftar (breaking your fast dinner) and her 7 year old son asked her, 'Mummy are we bad people? Everyone says Muslims are bad'
You could hear my heartbeat. The shock on her face was understandable, but she knew she had it coming. For how long can you keep a child shielded from the news?
30year old Ramla had to explain to her son what thousand of Muslims have recited tons of times to their friends, co-workers, random strangers.
No habibi, Islam is a religion of peace. Or in every religion there are good and bad people and the bad ones give us the bad name
But for how long are we going to keep reciting these movie lines, when we do not show it. We are a religion of peace but we have our brothers and sisters in Islam using violence as a method of communication.
Islam does not condone killing but we wake up everyday to Islamic jihadists shooting people in the mall who could not answer the question, What was the name of the prophets mother?
These events that happen everyday make us sound like hypocrites. Why do you say something and you do the exact opposite.
May the souls of the departed rest in peace, and no words will ever be enough but may God grant their families the fortitude to bear this loss
No amount of #hashtags and blogposts can ever make this right.

Born a Muslim, raised as a Muslim, I never noticed this much uprising until recent years. What do you think is happening?
What are your views on the Muslims you know personally, not the ones you read about? I'd really like to know

Please share your comments below


seye said...

Where on earth have you beeen?????????????????

I love muslims. I have written a number of posts about me, muslims and my research into islam.

I know quite a number of muslims. While the muslims I know are nice people, sometimes opinions get heated. But well, I don't do the whole religious banter much.

How are you though?

seye said...

Oh btw, you have filters on your Google search that search by location, age and general search behavior. When I search 'muslims' on Google Images I get something totally different and ...not appealing.
Try searching in Incognito mode.

sweetness said...

Hi Seye! I am doing well and yourself? Wow thanks for that! I did an incognito search... WOW... just wow.
Yeah opinions do get heated and I can understand you not getting into the whole religious banter.
Thanks for dropping a line and have yourself a fantastic week!

gretel said...

Sweetness,twinnie, i miss you. Email me please. Pleaseeeeeeeee. Long time. Will reply later. Xxx

HoneyDame said...

Born, bred and buttered, a christian, my mum wouldnt let us eat Ileya doesnt mean that at several points growing up, I didnt do it behind her back.
The "muslims" of today (I use that term very loosely), I dont know them, I dont recognise them, they are not what I am used to. I work very closely with a muslim. I visit her house. Her family is a staunch one, yet, I have never been asked to take off my make-up, never been asked to remove my shoes, never been quizzed about my dressing.
These muslims with the dark hearts, I do not recognize them at all!

gretel said...

I have amazing muslims friends and none of them has ever been so crazy enough to make me feel uncomfortable. A few has followed me to church even when I don't follow them to mosque. These Jihad fighters have soiled their bad name in a profound way. I pray that Allah forgives them. Still awaiting your mail dear. Bless.

sweetness said...

Hey HoneyDame! Haha eating lleya meat behind your mum's back
Yeah I totally understand what you mean when you say you do not recognize them, cos it is hard for you to reconcile the image of your co-worker for instance with the ones you see on TV. Thanks for your comment really appreciate it

sweetness said...

Hi Gretel! How are ya? I know right, I have been to chuch with a few friends a few times, for weddings and the like. Thanks for your prayer hun and I just sent you a mail. Talk to u soon!