Wednesday, October 16

A book you love

This is one of the harder ones in this list. I have been reading since forever. I remember the first set of books my mom bought for me. It was a 6-book box set of fairy tales. Those were not the first books I read. She got me those so I would stop reading her Medical encyclopedia. 
I was that kid that read everything and anything. My older cousins would hide their mills and boons when six year old me came to visit. I read My book of bible stories over and over again because a tutor's daughter forgot it during a holiday. Guys remember we called tutors 'Lesson teacher' 
I was that kid that hid Goosebumps in between my textbooks while the teacher dictated. I got in a lot of trouble for that. I went to Arabic school with Harry Potter novels all the time. I got in a lot of trouble for that!

After a lot of thinking, A book that I love, and have decided to write about is Half of a yellow sun.
I read this book for the first time a few years ago, and like everyone else it was instant love. I am not going to write about the obvious. I will tell you why it was special for me.
For the 1st time in my entire life, after reading the book, I read up on the Biafran war. When I was around 8 I came across old newspapers (oh joy) in a cabinet in my dad's room. It had a lot of old Nigerian newspapers, and there was this one with the headline Beauty and the beast. It had the picture of a man in army uniform and a very beautiful woman, It was a wedding picture and the words scribbled below were General Ojukwu and his newly wedded wife Bianca.
I asked my dad, and he might have mentioned Biafra - Looking back now, probably not. He was in the army after all.
Anyways after reading Half of a yellow sun, I did my read up on the Biafran war because I wanted to know more. I needed to know more. I needed to understand.
It's hard to believe that so many lives were lost and most people do not even know about it, but thanks to this book, most people I know actually care to find out about that war, especially if you grew up in the North, seeing as the North has a significant role in the war - Unfortunately.

I haven't seen the movie adaptation yet, I will get it when it is out on DVD hopefully.

And that completes my post for today!
Tell me about a book you love, not your favorite book - just one that you love