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Saturday, April 4


love love love
everyone's talking about it right?
its almost annoying :)
yeah well... its a beautiful thing
a very beautiful thing that has torn two beautiful souls i know apart
ill call her Lady bee, ill call him Mister tee
they were the most perfect couple that walked on this earth
He gave her his all... she deserved it
she was worth it... you couldn't see one without the other
tongues were wagging, people were talking
but they grew stronger
and i loved them more with each passing day
because you see, back in the days, they were the only family i had
then she fell out of love...
or so she believes
i love her, i swear i do, and i am more than her best friend
i am her sister... and i stand by her in all her choices
but will he love u da way he did... this one u suddenly cant be without
u really should not hurt him like this....
and she says she'll only hurt him more if she stays with him
and so she walked away and he hasn't been the same
and i sit, watching from a distance... if that wasn't love
then it doesn't exist