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Monday, April 20


and today, my favorite topic in relationships... "the forbidden ones"
you cant blame me, at the rate everyone is falling in love with someone they know they are not supposed to love.
'not supposed to love...' even to me, that sounds biased, why should people be divided into those you can date, and those you can't date.
okay for those of us that need to be clear on guys that are forbidden, babes, listen up
1) forbidden guy number 1
your friends boyfriend
yes. girl, you call her your friend, so why that sly smile when he walks into the room, the wink, when her back is turned to the coffee-pot, why do u twirl a strand of ur hair as he licks his lips as her back is turned to him while he is helping her into her coat. how do you feel? not cool, not fair... i dunno about everybody else, but the whole waiting to be alone, tearing off your clothes cos theres no time, talking in hushed tones, smiling only when no one is looking, not being able to save his messages on your mobile, constantly deleting your call log?? isn't that too stressful? and really it only looks good in movies, its not so fab in the real world.

2) forbidden guy number 2
your boyfriends friend
as in really, babe, why??? one thing about guys you should know, nothing stays inside
and in da end, slut is gonna be beautifully tagging along on your collar bone, as you walk, after you lose your relationship... besides this special friend of yours.... he probably has a girlfriend, and no he is not gonna leave her... not for you atleast, cos oh well u were cheating on your boyfriend, his friend, how is he sure you wont do the same??

3) forbidden guy number 3
peoples fathers/husbands

hmmm... how do i start? isn't the potbelly enough? need i say more? whats attractive there? what is pulling you... his bulk is probably blocking your mr.right from seeing you cos you are hidden and no one sees you.
and for the guys.. forbidden girls, oh well you know best, so i wont say much. In the girl~kingdom, she knows someone who knows someone who lives close to where you went last nyt
'nuff said


Monday, April 6


''... wishes da sun will shine brighter tomorrow than it did today''
wasn't that my facebook stats update right before i went to bed
just to wake up and see the snow pouring down in full glory
through my room window
unpredictable... that's how life is
just like the weather
one minute its da shinning sun glowing so beautifully
its kiss upon ur cheeks
makes u keen on another day
and then another day comes and its not like yesterday
da extremes are so wide
and painful
u begin to wonder if yesterday was ur imagination
as you watch all your hopes respect gravity
just like the snow falls from the heavens
the human nature
you promised her forever
and forever has come and gone
you have moved on
- oh yes and so has she
she has moved from better to worse
because u see, to feel beautiful
she has made her self worthless
to feel wanted
she has done unimaginable things
and her case gets darker by the day
its hard to believe she was the pretty teen of yesteryear's
a real brainbox with a heart full of love for you
her one true love - or so she thought
she looks but she doesn't see... her judgement is clouded
her mind is fogged
she reeks of alcohol
needle marks on her arm
she barely knows who she'll be leaving the club with tonight
or the guy with the camcorder
she doesn't even know that she is rated XXX
or that her brain has had enough of the white stuff
and her overloaded system is about to crash
this life we live
here today, gone tomorrow
death comes and adds to our sorrow
her smile so bright
she always brought a shine when she walked into a room
that was back in high school
now all that's left of her
is a line up of awards from what could have been
and i, the veiled one
unpredictable they say
just because i chose to be different
i find pleasure and fun in simple things
things you can't understand
that is just me
just when you think i'll give in
that's when the renewed willpower comes in
i write... now that is predictable
but like snow
that falls when ur planning a day out at the park
u never kno when am gonna drop ma pen...

the end