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Monday, April 2


Sometimes I just want to dissapear, run away or just float

That's right, u read it right, float, because I am not weak enough for suicide, not strong enough for alcohol you see, no its never that serious. I know it gets better, but right now my situation, athough not the best of what i've imagined for myself, is better than thousands', and everytime my forehead kisses the dust in prayer, my heart sings a thousand thanks for his grace, and I know it gets better but disappointments have a way of breaking a strong womans confidence, of locking her foresightedness, of blurring her smile, of breaking her voice but it can never kill her will. No her will will never be broken, her will to try again, her will to be better, her will to accept that everything is following a script, one written for her by the most high, her will to recognize that if he brought her to it, he will surely guide her through it, her will.

So when things seem to be at a stand still, I take a deep breathe of prayer, and dive into the pool of a dream I know exists, a long stroke as I feel my insecurities wash away, get to the bottom and open my eyes, realize that at the lowest point your eyes become a telescope, and you see see what you missed, allow myself come back up to the surface, a better person, and exhale thanks, never forgetting that I wouldn't have made it back without Him and just let go. Float on the surface, weightless and unsinkable

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Have a blessed weekend