Saturday, April 25

Can you see
The honest questions in my heart this hour?
I'm opening like a flower to the rain
And do you know
The silent sorrows of a
Never ending journey through the pain

Do you see a brighter day for me?
Another day?
A day?
Do you wonder what's in store for me?
The cure for me?
The way?

Oh look down and see the tears I've cried
The lives I've lived
The deaths I've died
You died them too
And all for me
And you say:

"I will pour my water down
Upon a thirsty barren land
And streams will flow from the dust of
Your bruised and broken soul
You will grow like the grass
Upon the fertile plains of Asia
By the streams of living water
You will grow
You will grow"

Do you know
My story from the start?
And do you know me
Like you've always told me?
Do you see?
The whispers in my heart against your kindness
My eternal blindness
Do you see?

Thursday, April 23

something different to blog about

questions and answers

Your favorite childhood memory – *oh dear! i played a lot... no wonder am so calm now*

Wash your face or rinse you mouth, which do you do first in the morning – *switch the computer on*

The scariest moment of your life - *da day my mom said i was adopted, mom? who jokes like dat to a 7 year old?*

One word that best describes you – *unpredictable*

Your favorite month of the year – *June*

Your favorite number - *2... two of us, me n you*

The nicest thing anyone ever said to you – *the innocence about u mks ur soul beautiful*

Current relationship status – *just da way i like it*

What exactly are you wearing right now – *shorts nd a tee*

What is your current problem - *hmm... whats for breakfast?*

What do you love most - *God nd ma family*

If you could go back in time and change anything, what would it be? *who cares about the past? i have my life ahead of me*

If you MUST be an animal for ONE day, what would you be? *y da hell would i wanna be one?*

Name an obvious quality you have – *patience*

Are you musically inclined? *very*

The name of the song that's stuck in your head right now – *knocks u down, keri hilson*

Name someone with the same birthday as you – *my soulmate Umar*

Do you have a crush on someone? - *It will shock u*

Have you ever been in a fight? *nah... da silent treatment works just fine 4 me*

What is the first thing you notice about the OPPOSITE sex? *His face*

One of the biggest mistakes you’ve made – *yawn... my life is so carefully put togeda, mistakes? bah!*

What do you think about prostitutes? – *If the men didn’t patronize them they wont be*

Say something very random about you? *nothing rocks like explicit novels haha*

Your favorite part of your body – *My lil finger, left hand (i know, weird huh? i warned u)*

Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity? *Yup*

Are you comfortable with your height? *Yes very! i think its sexy lol*

What is the most romantic thing someone has ever done for you? *A guy stayed outside ma hostel all night just cos i didnt wanna talk to him, was goin 4 lectures the following day n i saw him sleeping in his car... but thats not romantic is it? cos it freaked me out...*

What is your favourite smell? *Soap... ryt outta da wrapper before it gets in2 water... inhale! haaa! soap*

Have you ever been rushed to the emergency room? *yup, one bright sunny day*

Why are you answering all these questions? *Nothing to blog about*

Wednesday, April 22

GADGETS cool concepts

The top three coolest phones ever
from NOKIA
number three on the list is Nokia scentsory
3. yeah! scent-sory: it gives of fragrances of your choice
haha, instead of the usual ring tones, i could just make pure poison my sisters scentsory alert and davidoff cool water can be my bestfriends alert
classy huh? you match a persons perfume to the next incoming call... blesss!
who says ring tones aren't outdated?
(and loud)
personally I'd say its a girl phone
it wouldn't hurt to see a guy with one though!


2. the NOKIA O-pen,
will fit perfectly in your pocket, i mean, look at it, it looks like a pen. when the button in the middle is pushed an LCD display disc is revealed... artsy yeah? i know!


coolest phones... the nokia 888 is last on my list because its my favorite, it is flexible, so u can wrap it around your wrist, fold it, bend it, roll it, flatten it....
a-ma-zing huh?

sorry but i tried to keep this in...

... and i couldn't. why do some people just chose to be so immature and attention seeking? facebook is not a place to air your dirty linen and talk about your messed up relationship.
ur love-life is pathetic? so are three quarters of the relationships out there.
u need to know where am coming from
A guy wrote a note: A long note about his ex girlfriend
cool. he always has the saddest status updates ever.. you know, going on and on about how relationships suck and how girls are liars and how he can never trust anyone.
excuse me... but if i can recall well, the facebook status uploader asks whats on your mind right now?
you cant tell me those are the only things that are always on your mind
how about an ambition?
listen am not dissing anybody here, i am just saying, everyone has an opinion, and like the one you are reading right now they all stink.
so telling your 1,234 friends on facebook the day you met her, outlining your conversations with her, what she says... what she did, how she broke your heart....
come on
you are just seeking for attention and pity and thats so sick
cos you are better than that
and even though you say something else
that note clearly prooves to me that you are not over her
and unfortunately she has clearly moved on

opinions are like armpits: they all stink

Monday, April 20


and today, my favorite topic in relationships... "the forbidden ones"
you cant blame me, at the rate everyone is falling in love with someone they know they are not supposed to love.
'not supposed to love...' even to me, that sounds biased, why should people be divided into those you can date, and those you can't date.
okay for those of us that need to be clear on guys that are forbidden, babes, listen up
1) forbidden guy number 1
your friends boyfriend
yes. girl, you call her your friend, so why that sly smile when he walks into the room, the wink, when her back is turned to the coffee-pot, why do u twirl a strand of ur hair as he licks his lips as her back is turned to him while he is helping her into her coat. how do you feel? not cool, not fair... i dunno about everybody else, but the whole waiting to be alone, tearing off your clothes cos theres no time, talking in hushed tones, smiling only when no one is looking, not being able to save his messages on your mobile, constantly deleting your call log?? isn't that too stressful? and really it only looks good in movies, its not so fab in the real world.

2) forbidden guy number 2
your boyfriends friend
as in really, babe, why??? one thing about guys you should know, nothing stays inside
and in da end, slut is gonna be beautifully tagging along on your collar bone, as you walk, after you lose your relationship... besides this special friend of yours.... he probably has a girlfriend, and no he is not gonna leave her... not for you atleast, cos oh well u were cheating on your boyfriend, his friend, how is he sure you wont do the same??

3) forbidden guy number 3
peoples fathers/husbands

hmmm... how do i start? isn't the potbelly enough? need i say more? whats attractive there? what is pulling you... his bulk is probably blocking your mr.right from seeing you cos you are hidden and no one sees you.
and for the guys.. forbidden girls, oh well you know best, so i wont say much. In the girl~kingdom, she knows someone who knows someone who lives close to where you went last nyt
'nuff said