Wednesday, November 18

Help blogsville!

I just got off the fone with my friend from the last post
I missed two of her calls when i was in class
So i called her back
It was not awkward at all
Can u imagine?
It was normal! like the way it used to be
(not that i was expecting anything to change Lol)
I hinted that i mentioned her on my blog
(She knows i have a Blog)
And she was like hope you didnt put my pictures?
My mom reads blogs!
Am like no hell no
Thanks guys for all the advice and stuff

Theres a Christmas party at work
Am looking forward to it
So a colleague was asking if i was coming
I answered in the affirmative
and she was like shes coming with her boyfriend
Hes so shy but really gorgeous
She encourages him to be a stripper
Thats when i started laughing, she was like for real they will make so much money
and no she wasnt kindding
Shes so awesome!
She keeps me sane at work
Theres Secret Santa going on
We were all signed up
And during lunch today we picked a piece of paper
Each piece had someone's name on it
And you are gonna buy that person a christmas gift
You are not supposed to ask or tell that person
Until at the Christmas party when you give that person their gift
Now heres the problem!
The name on my piece of Paper is Dylan
Fact File
Irish Canadian
Lived in Florida all his life
Moved to Canada 3 years ago

Another picture...

Have a blessed day y'all

Monday, November 16

Fangs, Fur and Kissing girls

Its Tuesday
Then Wednesday
New Moon
Go team Edward
So apparently some Twitsphere gist blew up in Blogsville
I was chatting with a friend couple of days back
And my bb pic was (is actually)
me and a friend in Quebec
Oh yes people i went to Quebec...
Montebello to be exact,for a field trip
It was awesome
It was on friday the 13th
the oh-so-famous jinxed day
umm... no, we did not make any wrong turn
we did not end up in the middle of nowhere
There was no bloood, or headless horseman, or girl in stained white dress, glassy eyes. No well, No empty well, nobody coming out of an empty well
no nothing
Unfortunately *sigh*
who says a little bit of screaming doesn't spice up everything
i digress
The picture i put up was of me and a friend
And the girl i was chatting with said nice pic, i was like Thanks
And i gave her the whole Montebello gist
*Check above for full gist*
so she says nice pic
and am like thanx
and she says are you going out?
are you going out?
I honestly thought she was saying
Are you going out
as in am I going out
(i was actually going out, for a friends dinner, her birthday dinner,it was fun, Fierce, Esay and the guys were there...)
Oh i digress!
So i said yeah
As in to the question
are you going out
*Check 12 upper lines for clarification*
and she was like nice
u make a lovely couple
umm *raising eyebrows* is this message for me?
I miss my girlfriend
Excuse me??!! say whaaaaat?!
erm... wait am i going out with who?
what? her? the girl in this picture?
No i am not going out with her or with any girl for that matter
and what did you say?
Ur gir..gir...girlfriend?
Am sorry i have to say this
But seriously am i the only way who finds a Nigerian admitting to be gay damn awkward??
Am i?
am? i?
didn't think so...

Yeah i know there are Lesbians and Homosexuals in Nigeria
And i seriously think its a free world and all
My best friend is Gay
noo wait, he's Asian
And hes been like that for ages
NO double standard here
But this girl is Nigerian
And i saw her two years ago
She was suffering from yet another heartbreak
from the time i can remember
She has had bad relationships
Bad boyfriends
Terrible boyfriends
But does that justify anything?
Aaah men this is a huge shock
Imagine ur friend telling you this
She sent me a picture of her and her girlfriend
Am supposed to be a good friend abi?
After all I am supposed to like her for who she is not what she is
or is it what she is, and not who she is?
Am mega confused here
And am not just gonna throw away 10 years of friendship just because umm... oh well, shes gay and proud
After all Ellen is Gay and i am her number one fan
I would never miss her show if not for work and school
She has a great sense of Humour and she makes me laugh
She had Dakota Fanning (SP?) on her show this afternoon and while she was asking Dakota if she believed in Vampires, she had this guy dressed as a vampire, come and scare Dakota, she screamed, it was hilarious
Aaaah... i digress!!!!
(wont do this again... promise)
anyway that is the gist sha
we havent talked today with her
nooooo... its my battery
People am not that mean!!!

By the way - on a totally unrelated gist
Starbucks have the Christmas blend
Go Coffee!
Go Starbucks!!
Ho Ho Ho!!!
Now this my dear people
i would rather kiss

Monday, November 2

Crying is okay here...

Some THinGs MighT not StRinG
REALLY convoluted THOUGHTS here
IDEAs MIGHt sTop AbrUptlY
PosT wAs NoT EdiTeD
My phone rings
"hello... hello?" "Have you ever hated yourself?
what was going on?"what did you say?"
You heard me
"Have you ever hated yourself... so much, dying was not even worth it?"

"Who am I living for?
Is this my limit?
Can I endure some more?
Chances are giving
Questions existing

I mentioned it twice or thrice in the past
she is more than a sister
shes my bestfriend
everyone in her life
becomes part of my life
her parents
her siblings
her boyfriend..s...

So he calls he and says
i call her, no answer
cuts me off every time im talking
which means she ain’t never hear nothing
i say “stay”, she wanna leave
she up on her car so i gotta be
ima let her be by herself in peace
but five years from now i bet she see

so before he left, she up and bounced out
them people, they talking
them lights, they on me
this life i chose
but i aint know, til i found it
to be honest, im modest

I never understood why
until recently
to much strings to the past
the Ex's
**Case of the EX**
After reading Sugarkiings post
I sorta agreed with him, so am saying, We can always remain friends after we break up
No hard feelings
You can send me texts that begin with "do you remember when..."
and end with "... i miss you..." right?
We can meet for drinks saturday afternoons
You can call me to tell me about how fab this girl you are seeing is
I can ask your opinion on what to wear for my Mans surprise party
Hell i can even invite you for the party am throwing for him
afterall we are like best friends now right?
An Ex should never be a friend
Coz if there are no hard feelings
there just might be softer feelings lying somewhere
I might just hate the innocent 'fab' girl you are dating
My Man might hate how much time we spend on our saturday afternoon get togethers
Why dont you spend that time with me?
three days ago it was his sisters graduation

He is just my friend!
And he might make me cancel the party i was gonna throw for him
Until i set my priorities right
How i might call you to cry...
How you might turn up at my door 15 minutes later
at 11:00pm
How our song might start playing on the radio
How your lips might feel so good on mine...after so long

How you might change your relationship status on facebook from in a relationship to its complicated...
Thats how my relationship with my man might become
You are different he insists
Am okay...
just issues
as i put my phone on silent
cos you might be calling
How we might be having this argument
2 weeks later
am tired of creeping on the low
what do you suggest? that we tell them?
umm.. i dont think so
i didnt think so
Back home
He might find out through a friend-of-a-friends-friend
the accusing words might get a bit too harsh
Accusing... but true
where God at? i need to call Him
my knees on the ground, Dear Father
don’t let me break, please make me stronger
how much longer, will it linger?

Its overrr
Its over
How every relationship might end in shambles

Just because i kept in touch with you
How did it get from that simple text to this...
. . .

Current Listen: Wale and Rihanna
Can i endure (contemplate)
as highlighted in the post

Saturday, October 24

Crush: / krsh/ a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special.

That is urban dictionary's definition
Not your girls'
haba, intori olorun, biko dat is tooo much for a crush now...
Crush: When seeing someone just makes you smile for absolutely no reason, something about the subject usually tickles your fancy, could be their eyes, that persons smile, or how that person sends you 'miss you *smiley face*' every ten minutes
Can last for 1- 2 weeks
Earlier in life, i never owned up to having a crush
Even if my pupils turned to little red hearts every time he looks my way
i just denied it to everyone
my friends, my diary and even myself
Until months later, i look at the guy
and go, did i like him, sometime back... or not?
I still remember my earliest crushes
When i was in primary school, Sometime in primary 2 it was this guy, his name was Daniel, we used to sit together in front of the class (translates into: we were the shortest kids in our class) he never used to push me or other girls off the swing, he used to play 'ringa ringa roses' with me, and he used to share my lunch :)
I don't even know where on earth he is.. i should look for him on facebook
Years later it was Tahj from Sister sister

I have to say that after this point
most of my crushes lived far from me...
In this beautiful world called TV
Junior secondary it was j boog from B2k, now he has two kids!
anyway this is a picture of him i love

(i never used to look at Omarion then)
Senior secondary it was Bow wow
Bow wow for a long time
Especially all that period of like you
that was my song!
In medical school it became Patrick Dempsey from Greys Anatomy
Then Boris Kodjoe
now Boris Kodjoe stayed in my heart longer than anyone in this post
It was after Brown Sugar, and especially after Madeas family reunion
Damn i loved his character in that movie
I used to watch clips from that movie... Scenes he appeared in
The Bus scene...
The Park Scene with the kids
The wedding vows...

I was gaga over Boris Kodjoe
As in i went to bed smiling because i knew i would wake up, to watch another 10 minutes of Boris Kodjoe
I was that obsessed!

then it was Derwin Davis from the Game

Enough with Reel life, lets talk about Real life
I wont lie, i am very attracted to very good looking guys
but i have always been a chicken, so i always act uninterested and not-so-impressed...
More important than looks, is a guys attitude
After spending 2 minutes listening to Mr World and you realize how shallow, self conceited, rude, vain, or boring he is, you cant blame me for seeing that Mask of fineness just washing away from him like rain washing paint off a wall...
(very bad comparison but... u get?)
And yeah, there have been guys who never really stroked my fancy at first but after getting to know them, you actually find yourself growing really fond of them
Like really fond of them
There is more to a guy than the Versace on his back
Or how sleek those sideburns look
Or that Million Dollar pack
There is more to a guy than all that

I have crushes on guys and nobody ever knows
Like nobody ever knows
I don't know why, but coincidentally when i like someone
i always have a girlfriend coming to tell me about how much she likes the same person
I always encourage her
and watch them hit it off

I have had crushes on guys and a year later i suddenly bump into them and go...
"what the HELL was i thinking??!"

I have had a crush on a guy but when he asked if i felt the same way i claimed i liked someone else
I honestly don't know

I have liked and talked non stop about a guy for the whole weekend and saw him the following Monday and realized he was not so cute after all
It was not so long ago
It was just a week ago
Well now, a crush to me, is just an excuse to gush with my girlfriends
I am so into my boo
So no matter how cute mr-whatshis name is
i wouldnt care less

Oh! of cos and my famous girl crush
on miss keri baby!
i actually make it look like a big thing
most people look at me and say
u have a what...
and i say
"girl crush"
am crazy most times

On a totally random issue
I just heard "swagger"
in an indian movie!!!
and i was like... but why???

Anyways My favorite girl is coming to see me
she reads too much! She just left school around this time on a Saturday!
lol now y'all know why she doesn't update her blog in ages :D
Yaayyy she just called me so am going to pick her up
Its gonna be a wonderful girls night in!!!!

Tuesday, October 20

The Law abiding citizen

am not gonna spoil it for anyone
but DAMN!
For my people on blogsville that have watched it...
Did u find it as wonderful-in-a-i-have-to-write-the-producer-a-long-thank-you-letter way?
I did!
Jamie Foxx was excellent
And so was Gerald Butler
(wow... so Romantic comedys were not his only forte)
Off to bed, lovely people
I'll be back, when i have real posts
Forgive me :(

Monday, October 19

Meet Fierce

I call her Red
Shes got a mind that works faster than ul ever know
Shes eloquent... shes dares to be different
Meet Fierce here
you will love her

Thursday, October 8

When the centre cannot hold...

It wasn’t writers block
Or bloggers blog, sorry I meant block
It was both
Add school, work and a very bad flu in there
Mix very well, keeping in mind the million times u logged on blogsville
read, laughed, and quietly signed out
garnish with a movie a two
serve with lots of love and an apology
And enjoy what it brings
Todays post!

Okay first things first
What i think about Fame
Well it wasn't disapointing
It was just okay
Its just not my fave dance movie
The last 30 minutes *two thumbs up*
but before then
i had checked my wristwatch about six times...
and by sweetness' standards
thats a no-no for a movie thats supposed to be worth watching
But the soundtrack has been in my head ever since
and so has this music video
i just love it

Things fall apart
My very good friend was taking part
and that was the only reason i went to watch the play
and it was worth every minute
i hadn't laughed so much in a long while
An anonymous blogger was also in the play
she knows her self *giggles*
I was gonna put her picture in the costume and all but there's no point
since u dont even know the anonymous blogger
even without the afro *evil laugh*

On someone's stupidity
This tall slim, off a magazine cover blonde in Leather and jeans meets me one night
while i was stuggling to close accounts with all the noise going on
her: (noisily chewing gum, not so impressive considering the carefully and beautifully made face) where can i get water for the performers
me: (*blank stare* okay so what if am wearing a shirt that says staff, you are right in front of the fridge)... umm i dunno what kind of water the performers take but everybody else gets water from that fridge

was that harsh? i'll blame it on the ah ah aah test coming up tuesday

On my Flu
God is finally paying me for all the wicked things i think and do
I woke up one morning with a terrible flu
so bad i was scared it was swine flu
Tufiakwa! mba!
not my portion
am feeling much better now thank you

On facebook

The old feeling is back, am finally getting what all the fuss about twitter is about
i love it... for now

Theres this ghanaian film
Heart of Men... with Majeed, Jackie et all
hands together for the first west african porno
what can i say
havent watched it yet but the trailer i saw said more than enough
oh well am keeping my fingers crossed
until i watch it
An old friend found me on facebook yesterday...
Red has a blog
so does esay
anyway am off to bed

before i leave... heres wishing Aisha happy married life
i finally found a picture i loved enough to share with you guys
isnt she a beautiful bride?

have a great weekend guys
much love!