Sunday, September 22

The 30 day Challenge. Day 1.

Five ways to  win your heart

My heart
Haha let's see.
Why would you want to win my heart? It is not a conquest or a challenge
Anyways, I intend to do this challenge for lack of anything better to do - For real

Umm, for starters NO PICK UP LINES!
There is no such thing called a Good pick up line. That is an oxymoron!
Except if you are Robert Downey Jnr reciting his lines

Be yourself. Honestly I am a sucker for people who don't apologize for the way they are
Okay this is getting a little bit silly
You never really know what you will love about someone

People win you over and you don't even realize it happening
I am a sucker for meaningful conversations/arguments

I don't need to write about this one

Okay on to the next challenge on the list

Something you feel really Strongly about 

Monday, April 2


Sometimes I just want to dissapear, run away or just float

That's right, u read it right, float, because I am not weak enough for suicide, not strong enough for alcohol you see, no its never that serious. I know it gets better, but right now my situation, athough not the best of what i've imagined for myself, is better than thousands', and everytime my forehead kisses the dust in prayer, my heart sings a thousand thanks for his grace, and I know it gets better but disappointments have a way of breaking a strong womans confidence, of locking her foresightedness, of blurring her smile, of breaking her voice but it can never kill her will. No her will will never be broken, her will to try again, her will to be better, her will to accept that everything is following a script, one written for her by the most high, her will to recognize that if he brought her to it, he will surely guide her through it, her will.

So when things seem to be at a stand still, I take a deep breathe of prayer, and dive into the pool of a dream I know exists, a long stroke as I feel my insecurities wash away, get to the bottom and open my eyes, realize that at the lowest point your eyes become a telescope, and you see see what you missed, allow myself come back up to the surface, a better person, and exhale thanks, never forgetting that I wouldn't have made it back without Him and just let go. Float on the surface, weightless and unsinkable

Current Listen: The Weeknd - Loft music
Have a blessed weekend

Thursday, October 6

Falling leaves

Disclaimer: Try to ignore the many random voices in my head reflected in the blog post

Yeah, I didn't go through with the 30 day challenge. What does that say about me?
not that your opinion matters.
Its October, (yeah genius, like nobody knew that) and its Autumn (really, are you really doing this?) and the first sight that greets me when I step out of my house is (not a half naked, balding potbellied neighbor putting up Halloween decorations, thank heavens, NOT that) brown-ness. Yes you heard me. Brown-ness. All the green leaves that gave outdoor that summer picturesqueness (and I don't care if that word was used in proper grammatical sense) look, lay on the floor. Brown. Dead and Dry
 Back to my neighbor, I kid you not, he already has Halloween skeletons and bloodied ghosts hanging in his driveway (why should a ghost be drenched in blood anyway? Aren't they translucent and transparent?
Brown. Dead and Dry.
That just makes me sad for absolutely no reason at all, don't even let me get started on how cranky I am.
Listening to Olu Maintain's Nawti and sipping orange juice in a wine glass, cos I am badass that's how I roll.

Any non alcohol drinker who sips juice in wine glasses? I'm talking about slow sips, twirling and sniffing like you are at a Sommelier wine tasting party? No?
Yeah me neither. I don't even know where that came from *looks away*
Juice break
12 minutes and a phone call later
Yes! I am back, and in a much better mood I must add.
To prove my point and to observe normal blogging protocol, I am going to put a picture that absolutely has no correlation to whatever the blog post is about

That's right.
My friend has been missing for a few days now. She suddenly disappeared off twitter, facebook, of course I didn't realize all these, until she disappeared off bbm. Like she literally just disappeared off my bbm contact list, then I realized she had deactivated her twitter AND facebook accounts (smart girl! i've always wanted to disappear like this too)
And then it hit me. Like Chris did RiRi, it hit me (Omg Sweetness, how low could you get? Really? Chris? RiRi? that was just so uncalled for, jeez)
Yeah, then it dawned on me, that I didn't know anything personal about this acquaintance of mine. Like of course, we talk about men, our jobs, places, movies all the time, but that was it. I knew she was a Sales Rep for some firm downtown, she went to the same college as me, she has a boyfriend she is having slight issues with, an ex who's proposal she was actually considering... I mean I knew the most intimate details of her life, yet we never bothered exchanging addresses, the Starbucks close to Ottawa University was such a convenient meeting spot. We don't have each other's phone numbers (why call when there's social networking right?) I don't know any member of her family or her friends and she doesn't know anybody on my side. We don't even have mutual friends on Facebook!
And the last I heard from her was
''I told him its ova... he is as crazy as f*ck. He hit me!!!''

That was 13 days ago, I shouldn't be worried right?
Especially since I know she's one to take spontaneous unplanned road trips out of town, or head to Las Vegas for a week... Her surname on Facebook is 'Amour' like: Real name Amour. Right
That's like calling myself sweetness on Facebook, my point is I dont even know her full name

Which leads me to the question, How many SNF's have you got? Social Networking Friends. You met online on blogger or twitter, after a few weeks comments, posts, tweets and retweets strengthened the bond. A month later Bbm pins, yahoo, MSN chat rooms made keeping in touch easier (Speaking of which, does anyone actually use yahoo messenger anymore?) Skype on weekends completed the symphony. But if all of these Social networking platforms were to be taken away from you, that friendship would disappear along with it.
How many? Do let me know in the comment section, as I proceed to get mailing addresses and home phone numbers of my SNFs. I kid, I kid!
Or am I?

But really no body sips apple juice in a wine glass???
Its been real guys! Have an awesome weekend! x

Still going to publish the post anyway, even though editing the 1st part where I was ranting seems like a very good idea. Ah! but oh well

Sunday, August 14

30 day challenge

Will start tomorrow, for lack of anything else to blog about....

Wednesday, April 6

Things I find...

Another special one for my Shuga lovers
I have been so busy with life... Some interesting things popping up here and there
Social networking is slowly losing its grasp on me... 
My love for finding (Go figurehasn't stopped

Guess what Sweettnesss found?
and I am hooked. If you loved Shuga, you will love Intersexions
Its South African and very relevant
I can never stress this enough
Very relevant

I am not gonna put the video on my blog but the link is right there if you wanna watch

Intersexions: It's not about who you sleep with, it's about who they've slept with...

Remember your ABCs


Friday, March 4

Disappointed or in awe?

I was barely six when i watched 'Yeh vaada raha' for the first time, i probably even didn't know how to pronounce the full name ( I have watched it over 30 times now and personally I thought it was the best Indian story ever made)
Then i grew older...

I was 15 or 16 when I read Danielle Steele's book The promise

After about 80 pages, i could predict how it was gonna end, it all seemed a bit too familiar. Rich guy, Poor girl. Necklace, Promise to be together forever... 
skip more pages, Wicked mother in-law, elopement, accident!!! (With a truck full of BRICKS and Iron Rods) ah, it was too much to handle!
I dropped the book
I was shattered, disappointed that one of the most intriguing Indian movies was a rip off
Was i really shattered?
Or in awe? I guess a bit of both emotions
Well, needless to say i continued reading
And oh yes, nothing was changed
The reconstructive surgery and Karma, yup it all followed!

As you all know, I am a sucker for old romantic movies, i feel like its Christmas when I find an old movie I have never watched, in black and white? Better!
So i stumbled on The Promise, randomly
I say randomly because i wasn't looking  for it, i literally 'stumbled' on a box of old movies in the basement 
And i picked out The Promise starring Kathleen Quinlan Stephen Collins, Beatrice Straight , cos it was the only one i haven't seen

I didn't do the usual research I normally do before i watch a movie: reviews, star ratings, etc
(i do this cos if its not worth watching, i don't bother, too many other worthwhile things to do)
Weellll, if only i did, i might have known that it was actually an adaptation of Danielle Steele's The Promise
Oh Joy!
My day was MADE, it is such a beautiful movie for a 1979 movie, Yeh Vaada raha was made in 1982 by the way ( Imagine! Years before my parents even met LOL)
I'm ashamed to admit that i have watched it more than once
It has one of the best lines ever 'It's good that you can see your money was well spent' Go figure
I found out that there is an ASIAN adaptation!!!!
Jeez! Its also called The Promise

and err... a Spanish version Uma Promessa (When I found it, I realized its only a sub-dubbed version - but still!)
Talk about most repeated story ever. I am patiently waiting for a Nollywood version
Okay I am kidding, calm down!

Just in-case you never read the book, or heard of the story, there's a little summary for you. Enjoy!
'It's good that you can see your money was well spent'
 Oh and Yeh Vaada raha means, 'This is my promise'
Random pictures from the Indian version
The evil mother
before the accident
before the final surgery
Her new face